Working since 1982
Own presence in Egypt-Jordan-Syria- United Arab Emirates
Accumulated Experience in Sea/Air/Multimodal/Over Size/Projects and the original family trading routes.
Contacts to Suppliers & Carriers worldwide enabling tailor make solutions Worldwide coverage through networks and partners with our size, years of experience , stake holders are involved in the daily decisions Knowhow of Rules & regulations in Middle East, Africa, CIS, Europe & Americas eliminating surprises
Consistency, transparency, Reliability
Tailor making solutions for over size cargo using several modes of transport to achieve a fast transit time within economic means.
Cross Trade
Critical Shipments
Crane & Self Propelled Equipment relocation
Partnership and Delegation in East Africa, CIS, Thailand &Vietnam
Capacity up to 100 Tons
Extended Low Bed Trailers
Extended Trailers
Semi Trailers
Machinery, Yachts, Oil & Gas Equipments, Power Components, Cranes, Reach Stackers & Forklifts, Excavators and Road Building Machines
Africa, America’s, Asia, Europe, Middle & Near East, The Caribbean
Air, Sea, Land & Multimodal Transport
Packing, Lashing, Inventory, Warehousing, Customs Clearance, Dismantling & Assembling Machines, Jacking and Skidding.
We have special service for SME’s In House Logistics and a package can be tailored according to each client needs.
We have Cross Trade Solution where cargo is shipped directly from the first seller to the final buyer with Neutrality and Confidentiality.
Depending on the machine, origin, destination a proposal to dismantle the Machine, ship with different carrier can be cost efficient and time saver.
Critical & Urgent Shipment solution on Door to Door basis including clearance and customs duty can be arranged.