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Case Studies


Erbil EPF

Mobilizing Early Production Facilities (EPF) from Dubai to Erbil


To meet its production goals, the client required the mobilization of Early Production Facilities in a short span of 5 days. The customer wanted a logistics provider, who could move the load flawlessly.


IFTT developed a plan for the move and presented to the client, which attracted appreciation. Due to urgency in moving the facilities, our operations team arranged four IL76 Aircrafts to be flown simultaneously. Job included pick up from Jebel Ali (UAE), handling of equipments. The Aircraft ramp could not help loading equipments into the aircrafts, manufacturing of a ramp at the last minute was the only choice since the units were 3 meters high. The scope also included, full liaison with carrier, agent in Erbil, Airfreight from Sharjah to Erbil, Unloading & Clearance in Erbil and Transportation to site.

Dedicated IFTT personnel were on the ground to supervise the activities and all was done in a time frame of 5 Days from inquiry till delivery.

Critical Shipments:

Etihad Airways Event Gifts

Clearance & Delivery of Special Gifts for Etihad Airways event

Challenge Clearance of Food items in 1 day

Solution: Applied for special permit to clear the shipment under guarantee.

Aircraft Parts for Jet Asia

Clearance of Aircraft Tyres and Parts from Dubai Airport for an Aircraft in Fujairah Airport

Challenge:The end user is not having agency in Dubai and have no permit

Solution: Clearance was made by paying customs duty and cargo was transported to Fujairah Airport in 1 Day.


UAE- Georgia

Mobilization of oilfield Equipments in range of 18 meters long and weight of 38 Tones from Jebel Ali to Poti Georgia


The major challenge in this case was Length of 18 Meters , Gross weight of 38 Tons where Flat rack option is not a possibility, and due to small parcel a part charter was not possible, not to mention compliance issue of not crossing certain countries


IFTT Owned extended trailer (Which can be extended up to 21 Meters) was used to load the unit from Jebel Ali and deliver by the same truck to Poti Georgia in 12 Days


Over Sized tanks from Sharjah to Qatar, 5.3 Meters Width /4.5 Meters height

The Challenge:Permits & Escort in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi & Qatar, Low Platform low bed

Our own low beds were used, and permits & Escort were done in coordination with our agents in Saudi & Qatar.


Piling Machine 60 Tons , first machine to be imported of its kind through UAE.

The Challenge: Registering data of the machine in Dubai Road & Transport Authority, clearance of the machine manually due to the HS code not assigned for self propelled Machine & transport to Oman


Special approvals were received for registering and clearing the vehicle.

Special Hydraulic front loading low bed was used.




UAE- Morocco

Mobilization of Oilfield Equipment’s in a range of 1000 CBM, from Jebel Ali (UAE) to Casablanca (Morocco).


The herculean challenge for the client was to identify and choose a single provider from a large number of freight service providers with contrasting degrees of capabilities with strong global network, who could save their budget and deal with the customs documentation and deliver the shipment on time.

Solution .

IFTT designed a perfect solution for the client, which fits his budget impeccably. It would have been impossible to send direct vessel due to the huge cost involved. So the Shipment was sent by Road to Egypt (With limitation on Ramp of Ferry from Aqaba to Nouibeaa) then, Heavy Load organized a part charter from Alexandria to Casablanca, which took transit duration of 25 Days.

UAE- Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan.

Mobilization of oilfield equipments from Jebel Ali to Baku (Azerbaijan) & Aktau (Kazakhstan).


The restriction of transiting Iran goods to CIS was the major challenge for this client.


When it came to select the right solution, the client sought IFTT’s expert support. The consignment was trucked from Istanbul to both Baku (Azerbaijan) & Aktau (Kazakhstan) via Georgia. The scope included pick up of cargo from Dubai, Chartering a Vessel from jebel Ali to Istanbul.

Special low beds transportation was deployed to transit Georgia to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.


Transporting oil field Equipments from Hamriyah (UAE) to Port of Spain.


The major challenge in this case was a definite time frame of 21 days. Many of the equipments staged transportation challenges and required extreme care in handling.


To meet the deadline of 21 days, goods were flown to Amsterdam and then shipped from there by containers to the Port of Spain – Trinidad. The scope included, pick up of goods from Hamriyah Free Zone (Sharjah-UAE) and booking airfreight from Dubai to Amsterdam and booking sea freight from Rotterdam to the Port of Spain. Our expert crew delivered the consignment as promised in 21 days.


Transportation of oilfield Equipment from Alexandria- Egypt to Baku-Azerbaijan.


Optimization of multimodal transportation was the challenge in this case.


IFTT, designed a solution which perfectly complemented customer expectations. Due to the size of the packages, direct Ro/Ro routing was done from Alexandria to Mersin. The load was then picked up from Egypt and delivered to Alexandria Port, and was secured, lashed and loaded on MAFI Trailers. The IFTT crew was assigned to make sure the trailers have sailed on schedule to Mersin and then trucked Baku from Mersin. All required transit documents were made ready by IFTT. The equipments were cleared in Baku and delivery to the customer was done on time.


2 Trucks/2 Heavy Forklifts/12.38 Trailer/loader from Rabigh (Near Jeddah-Saudi) to Ho Chi Minh City

The Challenge

Shipper has no license to export Vehicles, Ro/Ro vessels rates expensive as well as using Jeddah Port

The Solution

Exporter was nominated , vehicles transferred from the shipper to our exporter then cargo was moved by Road from Rabigh to Jebel Ali where we loaded on Flat Racks, arranged lashing & Securing and shipped to Ho Chi Minh City via Chiwan


360 CBM Over Long, Wide and Height Equipment need to be moved from Alexandria- Egypt to Mogadishu-Somalia

The Challenge

Finding Vessels to accept the cargo

The Solution

We moved cargo by multipurpose scheduled vessel from Alexandria to Mombasa , and then we started evaluating the available lines for such cargo which was extremely difficult due to Security in Mogadishu and type of cargo moved mainly moved on regular basis being rations in containers.



Reach stacker from Sharjah to Mombasa .

The Challenge: Over all height greater than ramp height of Ro/Ro vessels operating to Mombasa and have large volume when shipped in 1 piece.

The Solution Main body was shipped as Ro/Ro , and the boom and spreader was moved by Flat Racks.

UAE- Pakistan

Asphalt Paver, Graders from Sharjah to Karachi.

The Challenge Finding Ro/Ro vessel at the time.

The Solution: Shipped as Breakbulk parcel.


Liebherr HS 855 Crane from Dubai to Vancouver.

The Challenge: Finding most economic solution.

The Solution: The Main body was shipped by Ro/Ro Vessel from Jebel Ali to Tacoma-Washington/USA via PYUNGTAEK, KOREA for final delivery by truck to Vancouver and all other parts were shipped by open top containers from Jebel Ali to Vancouver via Singapor.


Liebherr HS 885 Crane from Kuwait to Vancouver.

The Challenge: Finding suitable solution in 1 lot from Kuwait to Vancouver.

The Solution:Ro/Ro Vessel from Kuwait to Vancouver via Yokohama.


Pakistan EPF

Mobilization of Early Production Facilities (EPF) from US, Canada, UAE & UK to Karachi-Pakistan.


Challenges included a long road transport in Canada from Calgary to Halifax to secure direct and fast service from Canada to Pakistan. But the time sensitivity, documentation and attainment of required permits from different countries during the deicing period was more challenging for the client.


The scope included, pick up of equipments (Including out of Gage equipments) from Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Arrange Packing & Lashing, Arrange Cranes for loading supervised by our own personnel, Getting required permits in each county during the deicing period of the spring. With our experience and wide reaching partnerships, we were able to schedule sea freight & Air freight on different carriers, making sure the Vessels & Aircrafts are departing and arriving in-time due to the time sensitivity of the contract.


Mobilization of 4 auxiliary module 2 of them 8.45 M long x 3.3 M wide x 4.4 M high and 58300 KG weigh from a closed warehouse in Jebel Ali to Antwerp


As the volume is 332 CBM, height not approved on RO/RO vessels when loaded on MAFI it was difficult to find part charter with long laycan


kept tracking vessel from time she arrived in Uom Qaser and once she departed jacking and skidding operation started and goods moved to alongside the vessel in less. Than 1 day.


Transhipment Project Equipment

Transshipment of 1435 CBM Power Plant Components including 4 @ 78 Tons Transformers which contain chemical material and require environment approval


The challenge in this case was a single vessel crane cannot lift the large 78 Tons units on discharge and on the outbound leg had to use gearless vessel due to parcel being small and change in freight terms while cargo in transit, also goods containing chemical material requiring environment approval . not to mention the rough seas in June/July


IFTT arranged shore crane while the job in process and got all necessary permits in time so inbound vessel complete discharge in time to reach her next pick up port in time. Then all documentation was processed in time and another Shore crane was used Cargo was properly lashed & secured and cargo was delivered safely

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