Erbil EPF

Mobilizing Early Production Facilities (EPF) from Dubai to Erbil


To meet its production goals, the client required the mobilization of Early Production Facilities in a short span of 5 days. The customer wanted a logistics provider, who could move the load flawlessly


IFTT developed a plan for the move and presented to the client, which attracted appreciation. Due to urgency in moving the facilities, our operations team arranged four IL76 Aircrafts to be flown simultaneously. Job included pick up from Jebel Ali (UAE), handling of equipments. The Aircraft ramp could not help loading equipments into the aircrafts, manufacturing of a ramp at the last minute was the only choice since the units were 3 meters high. The scope also included, full liaison with carrier, agent in Erbil, Airfreight from Sharjah to Erbil, Unloading & Clearance in Erbil and Transportation to site.