Pakistan EPF

Mobilization of Early Production Facilities (EPF) from US, Canada, UAE & UK to Karachi-Pakistan.


Challenges included a long road transport in Canada from Calgary to Halifax to secure direct and fast service from Canada to Pakistan. But the time sensitivity, documentation and attainment of required permits from different countries during the deicing period was more challenging for the client.


The scope included, pick up of equipments (Including out of Gage equipments) from Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Arrange Packing & Lashing, Arrange Cranes for loading supervised by our own personnel, Getting required permits in each county during the deicing period of the spring. With our experience and wide reaching partnerships, we were able to schedule sea freight & Air freight on different carriers, making sure the Vessels & Aircrafts are departing and arriving in-time due to the time sensitivity of the contract.