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OOG Logistics between Egypt-Jordan-Syria- UAE & The World

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Have a question for us? You can send us an email!We will send you a personal reply as soon as possible. Before you do though, you might want to first check below for an answer in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What advantage you have in selecting IFTT
    Working since 1982
    Own presence in Egypt-Jordan-Syria- United Arab Emirates
    Accumulated Experience in Sea/Air/Multimodal/Over Size/Projects and the original family trading routes.

    Contacts to Suppliers & Carriers worldwide enabling tailor make solutions
    Worldwide coverage through networks and partners with our size, years of experience , stake holders are involved in the daily decisions
    Knowhow of Rules & regulations in Middle East, Africa, CIS, Europe & Americas eliminating surprises
    Consistency, transparency, Reliability

  • What is the Group Speciality
    Tailor making solutions for over size cargo using several modes of transport to achieve a fast transit time within economic means.
    Cross Trade
    Critical Shipments
    Crane & Self Propelled Equipment relocation
    Partnership and Delegation in East Africa, CIS, Thailand &Vietnam
  • What type of trailers available
    Capacity up to 100 Tons
    Extended Low Bed Trailers
    Extended Trailers
    Semi Trailers
  • What Commodities We transport
    Machinery, Yachts, Oil & Gas Equipments, Power Components, Cranes, Reach Stackers & Forklifts, Excavators and Road Building Machines
  • Where IFTT actively operational
    Africa, America’s, Asia, Europe, Middle & Near East, The Caribbean
  • Modes of transport
    Air, Sea, Land & Multimodal Transport
  • Value Added Services
    Packing, Lashing, Inventory, Warehousing, Customs Clearance, Dismantling & Assembling Machines, Jacking and Skidding.
  • The Customer is an SME and can not have dedicated logistics in charge
    We have special service for SME’s In House Logistics and a package can be tailored according to each client needs.
  • Customer buying a product and selling the same to a buyer
    We have Cross Trade Solution where cargo is shipped directly from the first seller to the final buyer with Neutrality and Confidentiality.
  • Solutions for Large Machinery and Equipments
    Depending on the machine, origin, destination a proposal to dismantle the Machine, ship with different carrier can be cost efficient and time saver.
  • Short notice delivery to Exhibitions or Events
    Critical & Urgent Shipment solution on Door to Door basis including clearance and customs duty can be arranged.
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