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Heavy Lift & Project Cargo

Heavy Load Freight Services is able to handle small and medium size projects that are time sensitive.

Our Home Link Moving Services expert team is proficient in handling emergency shipments, which require quick preparation time and rapid action, like emergency shipments for oil companies, rig Moves, moving odd sized equipment etc., for which single mode or multimodal transportation is required to suit client schedule and budget.

We are experts in moving out of gage equipments within Middle East, Africa & CIS Solving all issues preventing in-time delivery whether it is related to documentations or related to Routes limitations. We are always with you to provide a perfect solution for: Machinery, Yachts, Oil & Gas Equipments, Power Components, Cranes, Reach Stackers & Forklifts, Excavators and Road Building Machines

Project Cargo is a term used to broadly describe the national or international transportation of large, heavy, high value or a critical pieces of equipment which is longer, higher or wider than the standard Trailer, can still be carried in open top, open side or flat Trailer this includes shipments made of various components which need disassembly for shipment and reassembly after delivery Also commonly referred to as Heavy Lift.

To stay ahead of the time, we look beyond the demand and supply. To help you traverse the intricate logistic requirements that comprehend the freight handling of heavy and over-factor equipments, we offer a Project Management Service through which all your logistic needs are addressed.

Our adept crew is well versed in developing innovative solution packages that stir confidence. We conceive your vision and primacies and blend our expertise to make the perfect solution for your requirement. Our best-in-class energy service sector makes us, your freight services partner.


Multimodal Transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport.
Standard logistics practice denotes multimodal transportation not only as a combination of a few ways of transportation like air, sea, road or rail, but also, coalesce entire logistics infrastructure like terminals, consolidated warehouses, sea and air ports etc. With the association of long-term partners and contacts, We are able to deploy multimodal transportation solutions in terms feasibility and cost effectiveness.

We offer the following services of multimodal freight transportation:


Ideal for West Africa to Airfreight to South Europe &
Sea freight to West Africa & South America / Caribbean


Airfreight to Transshipment station and then trucking to
final destinations


One of the oldest multimodal solutions where goods are
shipped to a transshipment station and then Uplifted


Excellent solution for inland destinations where goods are
shipped to the closest port to destination then Trucked to


Best solution for Caspian destinations when it needs to
arrive via Black sea so goods are shipped to Poti/Georgia
and then railed to destination


Such as Trucking from The Middle East to the Mediterranean
and then Shipping worldwide


In the Hub age Airfreight of out of gage equipment can be
only uplifted on specific aircrafts so goods are
pre-carried by trucks to Airport of departure then uplifted
by Air to destination


For import from Caspian stations Goods railed into the
Black sea port of Poti/Georgia and then shipped to

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