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In House Logistics for SME

In today’s world Small & Medium Enterprises face challenges while competing with Large Companies when it comes to The Logistic Cost, Getting the right logistic solution in time.

At IFTT we have a solution to cut cost and increase efficiency with No minimum volume required

  • Have your Free dedicated Logistic coordinator without liabilities Offering Air/Sea/Land/Multimodal solutions with real time status, price estimation & tailoring a solution so having own logistics staff or adding workload to the Admin/sales staff can be avoided which results in savings
  • One to One discussion with our Stake holders when some shipment is having a problem
  • Loyalty program with rebates of accumulated shipments every 3 months
  • Clear ,user friendly handling procedure
  • No Minimum business volume required

The Large organization volume of business justifies having in house Logistic departments whether independent or linked to a multinational Logistic provider which gives them edge over their SME competitors in:

  • Having Real time update on status of their shipments with daily update and alarms when something not right
  • Better cost due to the volume
  • Getting cost estimate for future shipment enabling them to buy or sell faster

which result

Some Orders go over budget due to Logistics cost

Some Orders get canceled due to late delivery

Not to mention time invested by Management & Staff

Which can not be afforded by SME’s.

Fortunately It’s possible when buying logistics services to avoid all those consequences when the scope of work is defined at no extra cost all it needs to Shop wisely and know your needs.

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