Multimodal Solutions

Multimodal Transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport. Standard logistics practice denotes multimodal transportation not only as a combination of a few ways of transportation like air, sea, road or rail, but also, coalesce entire logistics infrastructure like terminals, consolidated warehouses, sea and air ports etc. With the association of long-term partners and contacts, We are able to deploy multimodal transportation solutions in terms feasibility and cost effectiveness.

Ideal for West Africa to Airfreight to South Europe & Sea freight to West Africa & South America / Caribbean

Airfreight to Transshipment station and then trucking to final destinations

One of the oldest multimodal solutions where goods are shipped to a transshipment station and then Uplifted

Excellent solution for inland destinations where goods are shipped to the closest port to destination then Trucked to destination

Best solution for Caspian destinations when it needs to arrive via Black sea so goods are shipped to Poti/Georgia and then railed to destination

Such as Trucking from The Middle East to the Mediterranean and then Shipping worldwide

In the Hub age Airfreight of out of gage equipment can be only uplifted on specific aircrafts so goods are pre-carried by trucks to Airport of departure then uplifted by Air to destination

For import from Caspian stations Goods railed into the Black sea port of Poti/Georgia and then shipped to destination