Transhipment & Transit Cargo

Located in Dubai & The Levant the Air, Land & Sea hub of the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia & CIS due to its strategic location midway between the manufacturers and consumers with excellent infrastructure and distribution network., The Group enjoys these advantages and equipped to handle all on-forwarding options Whether Arriving by Air: Air-Air, Air- Land, Air-Sea, Arriving by Land: Land-Air, Land-Sea Arriving by Sea: Sea-Air, Sea-Land, Sea-Air Our Services is Cost effective with short turn around time. Through close relationship with different Carriers to achieve targets. Should cargo arrive by Sea in Containers, break bulk or Ro/Ro to Jebel Ali or other Middle Eastern Hubs, or by Air to Dubai , DWC or Beirut , transhipment documents are done and goods are to be on the way by either Air, Sea or land to Other destinations in The Gulf, Iraq , The Levant & North Africa by Road , Sea or Air to destinations in Middle East, Africa, South east Asia or CIS in minimal time and with information being updated momentarily.